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Oman has the 32nd-largest net exports (6,250 billions US$) in the world. The top 10 countries by net exports are: China, People’s Republic of, Germany, European Union, Korea, South, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan (Republic of China), United Arab Emirates, Italy.

Oman’s primary export commodities include petroleum, re-exports, fish, metals and textiles to main export partners China (31.7 percent), South Korea (17 percent), UAE (11.7 percent), Japan (11 percent) and Thailand (7.1 percent) according to 2010 figures.Mar 15, 2011

The top exports of Oman are Crude Petroleum ($12.8B), Petroleum Gas ($2.65B), Refined Petroleum ($2.21B), Raw Aluminium ($585M) and Cyclic Hydrocarbons ($576M), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are Cars ($3.17B), Refined Petroleum ($2.12B), Gold ($600M), Delivery Trucks ($529M) and Valves ($404M).

The top export destinations of Oman are China ($10.8B), the United Arab Emirates ($2.59B), South Korea ($2.19B), Japan ($1.59B) and India ($1.22B). The top import origins are the United Arab Emirates ($10.6B), Japan ($2.59B), China ($1.57B), the United States ($1.43B) and India ($1.36B).

Oman borders the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen by land and Iran and Pakistan by sea.

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