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Coal briquettes made up the largest percentage of North Korea’s exports in 2015. They were followed by clothing articles, including coats and suits. Other commodities like iron, copper, and seafoods like mollusks and crabs also make up sizeable chunks of the exports.

North Korea also exported silver, wood products, and processed fish. Following the UN sanctions, China agreed to halt some trade. Imports of textiles from North Korea were banned, and exports of petroleum products were limited. Other import partners include IndiaRussiaMexico, and Thailand.

North Korea is the 126th largest export economy in the world. In 2016, North Korea exported $2.64B and imported $3.14B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $494M.

The top exports of North Korea are Coal Briquettes ($1.06B), Non-Knit Men’s Coats ($143M), Molluscs ($141M), Non-Knit Women’s Coats ($124M) and Non-Knit Men’s Suits ($95.2M), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are Synthetic Filament Yarn Woven Fabric ($164M), Delivery Trucks ($147M), Refined Petroleum ($117M), Soybean Oil ($75.1M) and Coal Briquettes ($68.5M).

The top export destinations of North Korea are China ($2.3B), India ($65.9M), the Philippines ($49.6M), Pakistan ($27.5M) and Other Asia ($11.3M). The top import origins are China ($2.84B), Russia ($68M), India ($54.1M), Thailand ($46.8M) and the Philippines ($34.8M).

North Korea borders China, South Korea and Russia by land and japan by  sea.

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