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Major industrial export AZERBAIJAN :

oil and gas, machinery, cotton, foodstuffs.Main export partners are Italy 26.3% Germany 13.2% Indonesia 7% France 6.8% Czech Republic 6% (2015)

Azerbaijan has the 36th-largest net exports (4,206 billions US$) in the world. The top 10 countries by net exports are: China, People’s Republic of, Germany, European Union, Korea, South, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan (Republic of China), United Arab Emirates, Italy

The primary crops produced in Azerbaijan are agricultural cash crops, grapes, cotton, tobacco, citrus fruits, and vegetables. The first three crops account for over half of all production, and the last two together account for an additional 30 percent.

petroleum and natural gas, petroleum products, oilfield equipment; steel, iron ore, cement; chemicals; petrochemicals; textiles; machinery; cotton; foodstuffs.

Azerbaijan ranks 73rd in the world by GDP (167,431 million international dollars). The top 10 countries by GDP (PPP) are: World, China, European Union, United States, India, Japan, Eurasian Economic Union, Mercosur, Germany, Russia, Gulf Cooperation Council, Indonesia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France.


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