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Asia World Trade Center Ltd (AWTC) is a major convention and exhibition center located in Asian Countries. It is Asia’s largest exhibition center and is used for hosting various trade shows and events.
Asia World Trade Center Ltd. is a company that focuses on promoting international trade, investment, and economic cooperation between different countries within the Asian region. The company is involved in various activities, such as organizing trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars to facilitate business networking and collaboration among companies from different Asian countries.
The main objective of Asia World Trade Center Ltd. is to create a platform for businesses to explore new markets, establish partnerships, and promote their products and services in the rapidly growing Asian market. It aims to foster economic growth and development in the region by encouraging trade and investment between countries.

Some of the key services provided by Asia World Trade Center Ltd. include:

1. Trade Promotion: The company organizes trade fairs and exhibitions, which serve as an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services, meet potential clients and partners, and expand their market reach.

2. Investment Promotion: Asia World Trade Center Ltd. helps businesses identify investment opportunities in the region and provides support for setting

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